Unfinished Business

by Flatstick

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Follow-up EP release to Omnicore. Demo, roughed mixed, not mastered.

Album art by David Griffiths.


released June 13, 2015

Music and lyrics by John Sanders and Gary McKay.



all rights reserved


Flatstick Melbourne, Australia

Flatstick was originally a two man project between Melbourne musicians, John Sanders (AKA: Doug Steele) and Gary McKay (R.I.P.). The sound created by the two is best described as Faith No More meets Strapping Young Lad meets Frank Zappa meets Meshuggah meets Pantera meets Mr. Bungle meets Korn, and a dash of jazz (and a slice of electronic dance). ... more

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Track Name: Later That Day (Convulsions)
Blow out the candles one by one
Take a trip with me
Tell me what you see

The moonlight shines on you just right
It comes from overhead
Take me back to bed

Yeah this is my lucky day
Yeah I love it!
This world is crazy what it does to me
What happens next you'll have to wait and see

You put the handcuffs near the bed
Turn the music on
Fuck me til the dawn

Whispering into my ear
Very naughty things
Hear my body sing

Solos: John Gary (x2)

Guitar ascent harmony: Gary

Crazy chorus:
This world is crazy what it does to me
I'm having some fun now call back later please
This world is crazy what it does to me
I'm having convulsions call back later please

Taste the sweetness of my lips
Two become as one
Thrill me til we're done
Make me scream and make cry
Take me to extremes
Meet you in your dreams
Track Name: Simple Simon (Fuck You Asshole)
Fuck you asshole

Simple stupid little man
You're so full of crap
Put your face in front of mine
And you'll receive bitch slap

Simon you're an asshole
You can drink my poo
Simon you're an asshole
You can eat my poo

Fuck you asshole
Simon you're a motherfuckin' asshole
Track Name: The Taste
I can't wait
Til we meet again
Liquid silk
Delight in the dark

I'm preaching gospel and making no sense
Why are you wiping your face
Just give gimme a minute and stop interrupting
I know what I'm saying
You know I'm right!! (Hear me shaking the fucking bass note?)

(Ad libbed horseshit)

Fuck yous all (drink being poured in the background, you can hear the link of the glass)
All of you
You don't understand me
And I don't know why

Hey dude, relax a bit
You're all over the joint and you look like shit
No, let's have another drink
Because I don't give a fuck what these morons think
If you listen to him I feel sorry for you
Just think about what you're gonna do
Don't listen to him, fuck tomorrow
Drink up dude, swim in sorrow

Ad libbed bar confrontation.

Solo: Gary, John