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GeN2Mo I can't help but think that this basically is what came out of the joint project of Carnival In Coal and Devin Townsend that never happened. Favorite track: Adios.
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John Sanders: Guitar, all male vocals, bass, keys and drum programming.
Gary McKay: Guitars, bass, keys and drum programming, producer/mixer.
Marcel Yamounni: Bass on Bend Over and Twilight Dementia.
Finn Waters: Sax on Bend Over.
Lisa Huntington: Asian girl on Tony!
Jennifer Hayes: Female vocal on The Perfect Day.

Recorded at A Secret Place in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia circa 1999. Mastered at Crystal Mastering by John 'Sorry we messed your ears up dude' Roberto at Crystal Mastering. Produced by Gary McKay and John Sanders. All music and lyrics by John Sanders and Gary McKay. CD artwork by Matt O'Meara.


released January 1, 2000

Music and Lyrics by John Sanders and Gary McKay.



all rights reserved


Flatstick Melbourne, Australia

Flatstick was originally a two man project between Melbourne musicians, John Sanders (AKA: Doug Steele) and Gary McKay (R.I.P.). The sound created by the two is best described as Faith No More meets Strapping Young Lad meets Frank Zappa meets Meshuggah meets Pantera meets Mr. Bungle meets Korn, and a dash of jazz (and a slice of electronic dance). ... more

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Track Name: Adios
I feel it's time
To put you in the place you put me
Cuz you lie
And now you'll know what hurting feels like

Countless hours spent with you have got me seeing red
I can only pray for peace and better times ahead

Adios my friend
The car's still running there's film in the camera so goodbye
Adios my friend
The good times are gone it's time to move on so goodbye

I feel it's time
To break free from the countless headtrips
Best of luck
I hope you're cooler in the next life

The things that you have put my through have got me feeling sick
I dedicate this song to to you you little piece of shit

No way known

Solo: John

Outro solos: John, Gary, John, Gary

Last solo: Gary
Track Name: Twilight Dementia
It was the perfect night (to fuck you on the beach)
Ecstasy... And! We laughed until we cried (You're fucking good to me) Can't you see?

I went into the light (to see what I could see)
Ecstasy... And! That made me realize (that I have more to do) So do you.
Track Name: Not Fit To Breathe
Roll out red carpet, welcome me into your land
We'll shake on it, but 1st I'll spit into my hand
I smile to your face, then scowl behind your back
I'm part of neighborhood watch, and on the side I sell smack
You think I'm fucked? Bitch I couldn't give two shits
I'm in love with your system cuz I manipulate it
New car, new house, no shame, no class
Benefits limitless you're gettin' fucked right in the ass
Hey, think I'll make a friend today
I'll read all the right books, I'll know exactly what to say
I"ll only let you see what I want you to
Then when I've gained your trust, I'll start to butt fuck you
The rent is late? I hope that you can cover for me
I'll be back in a week with an apology
It won't happen again, an irresponsible phase
That will not resurface for another 30 days

Hop on back, the car is getting away
We've got heaps of gas, we can follow them all day
SNAP SNAP SNAP I hope these turn out well
Two hundred thousand a shot, now that's a helluva sell
Oh shit they've crashed! Better get a photo or five
While the Princess in the back is still alive! (RARRR!)
So beautiful and scared, I hold her hand and say
That the fucking ambulance is on the way

You aint fit to breathe!! Fuckin' rot in hell.
Track Name: J.E.L.L.U.S.
Apparatus between us
Now you see it now you don't
Missing in action
Touche, touche

New on the scene and I'm takin' names
And I'm being cool and you're playing games
This looks like another jealousy phase
What takes you three years might take me three days

You're so fucking jealous
Can I get an amen, goddammit?!

You pick your jaw off the ground
(spell can't without a T)
And you're a better person for it
I show you what makes me tick
(And you will live successfully)
And you're a better person for it

Jealousy merchant
Always taking shit from you
Divine intervention
Touche touche

Two tracks of Jonathan Davis style blabber

I can't stop from laughing
They were speaking in tongues, you motherfucker

Put your tongue back in your mouth
(you really look foolish)
You'll be a better person for it
I show you what makes me bleed
I'll be a better person for it

When you are jealous, you're not only hurting yourself,
You are hurting your brothers and sisters
Be proud of everyone
And that positive energy will come right back to you

Solo: Gary

Consumed by your narrow view
You'll never be a person for it
I will not feel sad for you
(I think you're a cunt)
And I'm a better person for it

Acoustic solo: John
Track Name: Tony!
My girl, she is so nice
My girl, she cooks good rice
We live downtown, in a cardboard box
I'm her punk rock jock, she's my asian fox

Punkrocka (for days)

Today, she pierced her clit
She said it hurt, hurt a little bit
So I went to the store, stole her a rose
She cooked me some rice, and she pierced my nose

Punkrocka (for days)

I love you Tony you make me feel so good
My parents hate you, you're so misunderstood
We aint got much, one box, one penny, one dime
I love you Tony, I punk you rong rong time!

outro solos: Me, Gary (x2)
Track Name: The Perfect Day
The sun had been smiling on us that day
The birds in the trees sang hello
I'm glad that you made me come with you baby
So glad that I want you to know

Movies are great, and dinner is fine
I'll do anything if you say you'll be mine

The beach mesmerizing and beautiful blue
The sights and the sounds made me smile
And I rolled the number we smoked over there
We talked and we giggled a while

Concerts are great, and parties are fun

I'll do anything if you'll say I'm the one

The Perfect Day
And you're with me
(and that's all we need)
So say you'll stay
Come stay with me
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Gary: solo

The sun has been smiling on us every day
The birds that we've named sang hello
We'll walk on the sand and start planning tonight
There's just one thing you've got to know

Everything's great, and everything's fine
I'm walking on air cuz I know you are mine
I just wanna be near you (x2)

Track Name: Bitter
Summer is gone and it's starting to rain
Time to inflict me with some more of your pain
The clock is ticking and I have no place to run
So I think about you when the pain goes away
Wanting to leave but then needing to stay
They only listen to the things they want to hear

Go back and watch your TV
Whatever you do don't fuck with me
Go buy me shit then take it back
I am convinced you're smoking crack

Wanting to fight about nothing at all
Planning my trip and then laugh when I fall
The stomping kills me but we have no place to run

So I think about you and the pain goes away
Don't ask me to leave when you know what I'll say
This ain't forever and it's never gonna stop

Go fucking take it on your friends
Your fucking bullshit never ends
Get on the couch and watch TV
Whatever you do don't fuck with me

Jibba Jabba

Bass solo: Marcel Yammouni

Guitar solo: Gary

Crying, Sadness, Bitter, Madness (mixed up a bunch of times)

Fuckin' dance!!

Guilty Fuckin' Guilty (repeat a billion times)

Call and response solos: John and Marcel
Track Name: Bend Over
Wake up you tacky slack jaw, that grunge smell makes me sick
It's time to get that ass into the shower
Wash off the nasty love juice and be careful with the prince
Your new job should take just about an hour

So crack the shits, crank out the hits, I'm laughin' till my stomach splits
Your CD's not worth anything they pay for
You stand onstage like statues in your rockin' retro gear
I often wonder what the hell they stay for
If I'm seen in such a place, please slap me hard across the face
It's very therapeutic for my self esteem
I know my friends and family won't love me any less
If they can't find me in a magazine

I can't believe that fans buy into this
Just a real pathetic soundtrack to a dull and boring life
I wouldn't give you the steam off my piss

Join the snub club don't be one of the few
You will accept the load we're gonna force feed you
Grazing like sheep cuz we don't use our heads
Brain dead, Thanks but no thanks
I'll pass

I can't believe you fooled them all

Time to bend over and accept my fist
Because you're actual proof as to why abortions exist
I think you'd better pay for your musical sins
Because your stupid ass aint much better than the Jesus Twins
Track Name: Talking To God
Brain burning
The eyes red from lack of sleep
Lost helpless
And travelling without my best friend

Fingersnap bright burning light
Speechless for once
Room spinning
Translation lost
Watch spasm mouth spew information
I'm on the next flight out

I'm frustrated (phone rings, we kept the take)
It's like I'm from a different world
No comfort
The more I try the more I'm clowned on

Condemned done nothing wrong
Get pushed aside
For caring

Don't want no brownie points
No decent tunes on hold
Press redial

It's been so long
And I'm sorry
I only call when things go wrong
Won't you help me wash away my pain?

Sad girl dancing
Has stepped on so many toes
She's asking questions
To find out what nobody knows

Gary's solo


John's outro solo